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Резная элитная трость с головой орла

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Резная элитная трость с головой орла
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Турецкая деревянная резная трость ручной работы
Это не просто трость - но произведение искусства.

на трости в любом месте или несколько раз в некоторых местах можно выгравировать ваше имя или любую надпись по вашему желанию

***Важное примечание***
Наши турецкие мастера производят любого вида трости. Не упустите возможность персонифицировать вашу трость! чтобы она отражала вашу индивидуальность. Другими словами - вы можете заказать трость с вашими параметрами - высота, гравировка, надписи, эмблемы и тп.


- красивый дизайн
- настоящее произведение искусства
- 100% ручная работа (Devrek/Turkey)
- Ручка - дуб, граб
- Тело трости - корнелийское вишневое дерево (cornelian cherry)
- Tip (water buffalo horn or rubber )
- Brand new
- Collectible, gift or daily use
- Perfect for both ladies and gentlemen
- Supports up to 250 lbs.
- Will be shipped in its special box
- Do not miss this unique walking stick at such a low price for a certain period of time….

This walking stick is a perfect object as a present both for your beloved ones and yourself. It's strong, durable, and resistant. Also, you can buy it as a collectible item too.


Lenght: up to 47”(120cm) (Can be trimmed shorter FREE at buyer's request. (How to measure: Stand upright in regular shoes, with your hands at your sides. Bend wrist normally so that hand is parallel to the floor. Measure from the floor to the base of your wrist and add two inches. This is the correct measurement for the cane). Sizing a walking stick is, in many ways, subjective; however, through years of experience, we have developed some basic parameters -- suggestions, really -- for choosing a correct walking stick size:

XS - For people who are between 4' 11"-5' 2'' (150-158 cm), we recommend a 30-inch (76 cm) stick.
S - For people who are between 5' 3"-5' 6'' (160-168 cm), we recommend a 32-inch (81) stick.
M - For people who are between 5' 7" - 5' 10" (172-180 cm), we recommend a 34-inch (86) stick.
L - For people who are between 5' 11 - 6' 2'' (182-190 cm), we recommend a 36-inch (91 cm) stick.

Again, the sizing recommendations listed above are only suggestions. Also, please contact us if you need a walking stick taller than 39 inch - 100 cm because the production of those kinds of sticks are harder than the shorter ones, and the shipping fee increases accordingly. Also, your stick will be shipped within one (1) business day if it is in stock. Your walking stick will be made upon your purchase if the size you want is not in stock or if you want a personalized stick with a symbol, sign, etc. As our walking sticks are unique to you and its size will vary depending on you, its shipping might take 2-3 business days.


Walking sticks started out as a necessary tool for the shepherd and traveler. A nice hefty stick was an excellent way to protect against thieves and to keep animals in line. Over time, the walking stick gradually began to be known as a symbol of power and strength, and eventually authority and social prestige. Rulers of many cultures, past and present, have carried some form of walking stick or staff.

When used as a mobility or stability aide, canes are generally used in the hand opposite the injury or weakness. This may appear counter-intuitive, but this allows the cane to be used for stability in a way that lets the user shift much of their weight onto the cane and away from their weaker side as they walk. Personal preference or a need to hold the cane in their dominant hand means some cane users choose to hold the cane on their injured side.


Devrek walking sticks are not just sticks but works of art, with some individual sticks taking a month or more to make.

Wood from the Cornelian cherry, which grows up to five meters tall, is used to make stick. The wood to make the shaft is cut from the straightest branches of the tree in November till January when the sap is low, and then left to season for three years. This time prevents the stick from warping after it has been carved and decorated and also lightens the weight of the stick.

Devrek has been the source of the material for making walking sticks since the time of the Ottoman sultanate. A stick is divided into three sections: handle, shaft, and tip.

The handles are made from oak, hornbeam, and the tip is mostly made of water buffalo horn. The handles generally range from the plain and T-shaped to handles carved in the shape of the horse, eagle, wolf, snake and lion heads, and knob-shaped handles. The stem is made of cornelian cherry.

How does a stick become expensive? The difference between a cheap stick and an expensive stick is not that the materials used. It is because of the time it takes for a master craftsman to fully decorate a stick as a work of art.

Devrek walking sticks are presented to most of the statesmen visiting Turkey. Turkish president presented Devrek walking sticks as gifts to Elizabeth II and Prince Charles during their visits to Turkey. Devrek walking sticks are world famous because of the art of work on the shaft not only on the handle. In other cities of Turkey and other countries mostly artwork is just on the handle.

The shafts are always made of cornelian cherry which grows in Devrek forests. All sticks are 100% handmade.

The reason why we are using water buffalo horn for the tip is that because the water buffalo horn is sterile and it prevents slipping.
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